Jack's Male Tickling Rack

Gym Equipment
Working Out
Flexed Muscles

(a few of my favorite things)

Some great stories about gyms, working out, and tickling:

Ticklish Teen ... by Rob Cline
A basketball jock gets worked out by the wrestling team

The Gym ... by Simon333
Two gymrats get what comin' to them

Jeff and Rob at the Gym ... by Rob Cline
Two buddies get ambushed after hours


For Tough Jocks Only

The following are first-person challenges for tough, cocky, ticklish jocks.

They combine bondage, working out, muscle-straining positions and some intense tickle torture.

The idea is to break your buddy down, teach him a lesson, and "adjust" his attitude.

(If you plan to attempt any of these scenarios with a buddy of yours, you should excersize caution.
Be sure the guy you are challenging is in good shape and tough enough to take the strain.)

You will read about forcing a jock to "give in" and wear a fan jersey of a team that he hates. This is one of the worst things you can do to a proud jock, forcing him to abandon rooting for his favorite team.

Be a pal: offer your services to your buddy as his
Personal Trainer.

A good way to force him to work out is to
tie him to the equipment.

And threaten him with Tickle Torture.

Add some incentive to his workout routine.
Use tickling as punishment for
not completing his reps,
or for bad form,
or to goad him into one more set,
or just to see him sweat some more.

Challenge him to a game or competition,
to see who is stronger or tougher.

Any jock worth his salt will jump at the chance to show off how strong he is, or how much he can "take".

Maybe some of you tough jocks out there got some ideas you want to contribute here? Submit them!

Jock Tickle Challenge:

Dumbbell Flies ... by Jack

Barbell-Trapezoid Trap ... by Scott

Gravity Boots ... by Bound2Tkl

Forced Chin-Ups ... by Jack

Bench Press ... by Scott

Inclined Crunches ... by Jack

Barbell Pulldown ... by Scott

Chin-Up Bar Suspension ... by Jack