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Yup. Guys tickling guys.

If you are interested, read on.


1. To share some images and stories about bondage and tickle torture with like-minded guys.

2. To provide a forum where readers can share and submit thoughts, experiences and ideas about M/M tickling. And perhaps, at the Guestbook, to make contact with guys who want to get together.

3. To meet you guys and play in person.

I have met lots of guys, both in person and over the Net, who are into this scene. I am constantly amazed at the wide range of men who either practice M/M tickling, or who fantasize about it. A common thread seems to be childhood memories of tickling or being tickled.

This site is for ALL guys, gay or straight. There is relatively little having to do with sex on this site, especially in my writings. Oh sure, some of my buddies get way more "down and dirty" than I do when it comes to sexual contact when tying and tickling a guy. If you want some of that, especially when it involves sexual teasing and torture, you will find it here.

But a lot of my experiences have involved getting together with straight or bisexual guys, who have absolutely no interest in the more sexual aspects of bondage and tickle torture. Especially the "tough jock" or military types, who often merely want to test their mettle, or see how much they can take before they "break". You will find a lot of that kind of stuff here, too.

Throughout this site, I repeatedly call for submissions from you guys. I would like to keep adding content to this site, and your help is needed and appreciated. All contributions will be properly acknowledged, unless you wish to remain annonymous.

About The Contents Of This Site:

The stories on this site were written by me or by friends and acquaintances. To the best of my ability, I have tried to secure permission to post their work. If YOU are the author of any piece on this site, and are not properly credited, or wish to have it removed, please drop me a note, and I will take immediate action.

The images on this site were all photographed by me, here in my NYC "playroom", with full cooperation of the guys in the photographs. They are mostly images of bondage, and not necessarily of tickling, but you can use your imagination as to what was going on after the "victims" were thoroughly tied. There are several other sources for tickling pics on the Net, if that is what you are after. Check my "Links" page for some possible leads.

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