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Yup. Guys tickling guys.

If you are interested, read on:


1. To collect and share stories, articles and a few images relating to the more intense aspects of M/M bondage and tickle torture.

2. To provide a forum where readers can exchange thoughts, experiences and ideas about M/M tickling. And perhaps, at the Guestbook, to make contact with guys who want to get together.

3. To meet some of you guys and play in person.


Yes, "Rack" as in "Magazine Rack", since this site is mainly dedicated to presenting stories and articles.

And, "Rack" as in "Bondage Rack", a stationary frame made of 2x4's which is the basis for much of my other restraint equipment, and to which I love to tie guys for some heavy tickle torture.


Many thanks to all of the terrific authors who have granted permission for their stories to be posted on this site. They are a great bunch of guys, knowledgable and generous. I have met and played with some of them in person. (I hope to meet the remaining authors someday!) Others are e-mail buddies of mine. They are all extremely talented and imaginative.
If you enjoy their work, the authors would love to hear from you.
Their e-mail addresses are hot-linked to their names at the beginning of each story, and printed at the end of each story, too.
In a couple of cases, the authors have requested that their e-mail addresses not be posted with their stories, and I have respected their wishes.

I have done my best to acquire permission to post all of the stories and articles which appear on this site. In a few instances, I have not been able to determine the author's name, or they are curently unreachable.
If YOU are the author of any story on this site, and you wish to have it removed or properly credited, or if you know how to contact the author of an uncredited story, PLEASE drop me at line at: and I will take immediate action.
All of the stories posted on this site are copyrighted by and/or are the intellectual property of the individual authors. They may not be re-posted or otherwise published without explicit permission.

The stories collected and presented here reflect my own personal interest in M/M bondage and tickle torture. I am not into "soft and fuzzy" or the more sensual aspects of tickling, or tickling without bondage, so you will not find much of that kind of stuff here.

If you don't think you will enjoy this kind of action, don't stay here. Go to my Links page and try some other sites, or just leave quietly right now and you won't get hurt.

If you are merely into looking at tickling pics, you will be disappointed here.
I am much more interested in playing in person, and sharing ideas and stories, than I am into looking at or trading pictures. Therefore, this site will not contain many pics.
The few images that are featured here were all taken in my NYC playroom, with the full cooperation of the guys involved, unless they are otherwise credited.
They are mainly bondage pictures. I don't take many "tickling" pics. My hands are usually too busy. Use your imagination about what went on after the guys were tied up.
I ask that you do not copy and send these pics all over the Net. If you have friends who might enjoy them, please send them the URL for this site.

For more pics, check out "Jack's Message Rack", accessable from the Home Page, where some guys may be posting pics. Or check out the Links page for other sites that contain pics (including the Video links).


This site is for ALL guys, gay or straight.

There is relatively little having to do with sex on this site, especially in my writings.

Oh sure, some of the authors get way more "down and dirty" than I do when it comes to sexual contact and tickling.
If you want some of that, especially when it involves sexual teasing and torture, you WILL find it here.

But many of my own experiences have involved getting together with straight or bisexual guys, who have absolutely no interest in the more sexual aspects of bondage and tickle torture. That's especially true of the "tough jock" or military types, or some of my roommates, who often merely want to test their mettle, or see how much they can take before they "break".

I am constantly amazed at the number of people who still can't understand that tickling between two men does not have to be sexual in nature.

As you can tell, I am a big supporter of non-sexual M/M bondage and tickling.

You will find A LOT of that kind of stuff here, too.


Throughout this site, I repeatedly call for submissions from you guys. I would like to keep adding content to this site, and your help is needed and appreciated. All contributions will be properly acknowledged, unless you wish to remain annonymous.
However, please nose around the site and get an idea of the type of stuff that is here. If you happen to submit contributions that do not go along with the general theme and flavor of this site, I may request that you post them elsewhere.

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