Jack's Male Tickling Rack


It's payback time...

Has some bully been bugging you?

Have you caught some creep breaking into your apartment?

Is your roommate really obnoxious?

Is some slug dating your sister?

Are you pissed at a pal who has just tickled the crap out of you?

Don't get mad . . . GET EVEN.

The following excellent stories center around REVENGE. They might give you a few ideas:

The Intruder ... by Bound2Tkl
The classic story of how to get even with a burgler. Presented here in it's entirity, including the epilogue by Kitelcat.

Tied and Tickled ... by Glaucon55
Obnoxious Frat Brother roommate learns a lesson in respect. (Includes "denial" torture, anal play.)

The Lifeguard ... Author Unknown
A "problem" lifeguard gets what's coming to him during a long, hot night on the beach.

Sean and Scott ... by Chad Pet
Sean Duggan pays back a bully in this classic story.

The Stranger ... by Bound2Tkl
From an auto repair shop to a bedroom, a double-payback with a handsome stranger

Friendly Persuasion ... by KitElCat
A terrific story about paying back an obnoxious creep. Also known as "The Jerk Who Dated My Sister".

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