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There is a deep and widespread fear and fascination in being restrained and "examined" in a doctor's office or other sterile, clinical setting.

The helpless, unprotected feeling brought on by the surroundings and the equipment, coupled with a doctor or other technician taking advantage of your condition, is a very potent fantasy.

Here are some excellent stories that take place in doctors' offices, clinics, institutes or asylums:

Test Subject ~ by Ratty
The original M/M version of this classic story. A very ticklish student reluctantly agrees to participate in a paid experiment at the Kinsey Institute of Behavioral Sciences. Uh oh.

The Foot Doctor ~ by Bound2Tkl
A jock's itchy foot needs treatment, and gets it.

The Volunteer ~ by Fingrfethr
A cash-poor undergraduate answers an ad to be a paid guinea pig in some unusual experiments at the college medical lab.

Doc's Checkup ~ by Blithwulf
A cocky jock, a broken ankle, a partial cast, and a doctor with a devilish bedside manner.

Dr.Giggles ~ by PinkTklr
Todd pays a visit to Dr. Chang, and flunks his "tickle exam".

Thom and the Mad Scientist ~ Author Unknown
A bizarre piece of Sci-Fic. College student Thom volunteers at the Science Lab for a paid experiment. Includes shrinking, foot action, and multiple forced orgasms. Not for all tastes.

Asylum ~ by Glaucon
Men who commit crimes are taken to an island for punishment. They are put through inspections and into sexual service rooms. A continuing saga, which includes heavy bondage, tickling, "denial" torture, milking, and some anal play. (Be sure to check out the automatic tickling device applied to Officer Maloney in "Heat Transfer".)

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