Jack's Male Tickling Rack



Ever been tickled to death?

How long did you last?

Did you give up?

Holler "Uncle"?

Beg him to stop?

(what a wuss!)

Or did you tough it out, winning the "game" and frustrating the hell out of the tickler?

Ever tie a guy into a really impossible position,
and then tickle him till he "lost it"?

These stories are about guys being tickled to... and beyond...their absolute limit.

If a guy is tough and cocky, "breaking" him can take hours and hours...

Say "Uncle" ~ by Dave
Dave's deliciously devious answer to the question, "How would you make me say 'uncle'?".

Tied & Tickled ~ by James West
Partner Randy tests the author's considerable endurance in a loooong session. The clock is ticking. Will he "break"?

M/M Experience ~ by Dean H
How much mind-numbing anticipation and feather-light tickling can a guy take before he goes insane? Author Dean attempts to go the distance.

Sock Tied and Tickled ~ by Rob Cline
A great story of creative, inescapable, diabolical bondage, by the prolific Bondage Boy.

Fourth-Quarter Tickle Blitz ~ by Jack
A first-person challenge. How do you "break" a tough, straight hockey player and make him root against his home team? Severe bondage, mind games, and extensive tickling. May the better man win...

Naptime and The Request ~ by Rob Cline
The "published" and the "Internet" versions of the same story, back-to-back. Excellent, intense bondage. Can you stay perfectly STILL while being tickled? You move, you're screwed.

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