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Punishment Tickling

Now, here's a subject that really gets my nut.

The use of tickle torture as a punishment for some crime or transgression has always fascinated me.

As opposed to "revenge tickling", which is usually a more personal form of payback, "punishment tickling" can be more ritualized and structured, and often takes place with a crowd, or at least a few people observing or participating.

Here are some great stories that use bondage and tickling as a sometimes very severe punishment:

A Farmboy's Memoir ~ by D.G.Ross
A beginning: a terrific story about two young boys experimenting with torture games.

Mark's Submission ~ Author Unknown
In this classic story, a curious straight buddy is introduced to intense bondage, tickling and orgasm denial.

The Fiend ~ by Eddie
Eddie's infamous fantasy story about life in Hell.

Bound Ecstasy ~ Author Unknown
Playing out a universal fantasy: drugging, binding, and testing the self-control of a haughty, muscular Adonis.

Lord Kinzuboro's Gift ~ by D.G.Ross
A well-written historical story of a royal poet who receives an exotic gift: an eerily "talented" young lad.

The King's Entertainment ~ by Eddie
On a tour of his torture chamber, a bored king stops to torture a young slave, who must exert maximum self-control, or risk plummeting to his death.

Seven Hard...Hours ~ by Jack
A true account of a recent session with a horny muscleboy.

The Wall ~ by Eddie
The ultimate in orgasm-denial torture. A young man is bound in a devious position and kept from release by some extremely sophisticated methods.

Playroom Pics ~ by Jack
Two more pics from the playroom.

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