Jack's Male Tickling Rack


It's payback time...

Has some bully been bugging you?

Have you caught some creep breaking into your apartment?

Is your roommate really obnoxious?

Are you pissed at a pal who has just tickled the crap out of you?

Don't get mad . . . GET EVEN.

The following excellent stories center around REVENGE. They might give you a few ideas:

The Intruder ~ by Bound2Tkl
The classic story of how to get even with a burgler caught in the act. Presented here in it's entirity, including the epilogue by Kitelcat.

Tied and Tickled ~ by Glaucon55
An obnoxious Frat Brother roommate learns a lesson in respect. (Includes "denial" torture, anal play.)

Wind Feather ~ by Eddie
An inspired story of revenge. Two ranch hands, who also perform certain S/M acts for the boss, devise a clever way to get even with the new hired hand, a slacker who needs to be taught a lesson.

A Snowy Winter Day ~ by J.P.
How to get even with a cocky buddy who keeps sticking his big, stinkin' feet in your face while you're trying to watch the game.

The Practical Joker ~ by Rob Cline
The R.A. of a college dorm masterminds an elaborate pay-back for a loathsome prankster.

The Lifeguard ~ Author Unknown
On the hottest day of the summer, a "problem" lifeguard gets what's coming to him during a long, hot night on the beach.

Sean and Scot ~ by Chad Pet
A terrific story about scoring some revenge and humiliation on an obnoxious high school bully.

The Stranger ~ by Bound2Tkl
From an unexpected encounter in an auto repair shop, to a rendevous in a bedroom. An answered ad results in a double-payback with a handsome stranger.

Dave's Punishment ~ by Eddie
A tennis pro, who can't keep his hands to himself, gets a surprise visit from a Revenge Squad. Intense tickle-punishment, including "denial" torture, might make him promise to behave.

Locker Room Revenge ~ by Jack
A true story (unfortunately) about two basketball teammates exacting some brutal revenge in a deserted locker room.

Let Him Have It ~ by J.P.
Turned tables: a straight guy catches his gay roommate sniffing his socks and shoes, and tries to punish and humiliate him with his feet. Instead, he ends up in an unusual predicament.

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