Jack's Male Tickling Rack


Impromptu real-life tickle attacks can be hilarious fun for the tickler, devastating for the victim.

Especially when they happen in public.

A poor, ticklish guy is caught off guard in a vulnerable situation, and some sadistic clown takes advantage of his predicament.

Horrible, isn't it?

Some of my buddies take great delight in masterminding or watching surprise tickle attacks, and have shared some true experiences (and a fictional story):

On-The-Job Tickling ~ by Scott
A straight construction worker caught in a vulnerable position

Classroom Antics ~ by Steve
A memory of shenanigans in the seventh grade

Stuck ~ by D
An unfortunate bunk bed mishap

Elevator Tickle Attack ~ by Jack
A straight buddy in a sucker situation

A Very Ticklish Hunk ~ by Steve
A linen bin becomes a tickle-trap

Last Train to Finchley ~ by Eddie
A story about a tickle-voyeur who gets an eyeful on the late-night tube home.

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