Jack's Male Tickling Rack


Strange Tales,
Unusual Situations,
Unexpected Settings,
Group Gang-Ups
or just plain Unclassifiable Stories:

A Ticklish Hike ~ by Tickle777
Two hikers get ambushed in a deserted cabin and find themselves in an unbelievable position.

Camping Trip ~ by CatInHat
Camping out in the woods with a straight buddy, who knows what might happen? Or how he might pay you back! A classic story.

A Laughing Matter ~ by Erik
A straight, conceited business associate falls for the old "handcuff escape" trick. Bondage, tickling, and a couple of "squirts" can do wonders in altering a guy's cocksure attitude. (Also known as "Vendor Negotiations".)

If The Shoe Fits ~ by Rob Cline
After-hours customer service in a shoe store.

Campers' Nightmare ~ by Bill Cory
During a drunken camping trip, two high school jock buddies pay the price for littering on private property.

Tickle Slave ~ by Rob Cline
A chance meeting in a bar reveals a slave's sorry plight...and a beguiling invitation.

The Flier ~ by Erik
A college student responds to a flier advertizing a free podiatrist exam, and suffers the surprising consequences.

Long-Distance Tickle ~ by Bound2Tkl
Attending a Leather Convention, you are attacked, hooded and restrained. When the hood comes off, the tickling commences. Who is behind this attack?

Davvy Asked For It ~ by Rob Cline
A clever "He Said / He Said" account of a tickle session begun over the Internet, and concluded in real life.

The Military Secret ~ by Erik
A late-night phone connection, a penthouse apartment, a secret drug, an unexpected turn of events.

Tickle-Chat ~ by Rob Cline
If you were to lurk in a chatroom for M/M tickling, you might witness a creative cyber-tickling session like this.

Roger ~ by T-Wizard
Puppy love from an admiring young boy blossoms into tickling, bondage, tickle torture, and a memorable session in the stocks. Man/boy tickling handled beautifully by a master tickler.

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