Jack's Male Tickling Rack


The "prisoner" has been captured and restrained.

You need some information from him.

What methods of persuasion are you
gonna use to make him talk?

How long before he spills his guts?

The Interrogation ~ by Eddie
The operatives at CINTEX have ways of making a spy talk. Their methods include strict bondage, tickle torture, electronic gadgets, genital tickling, and "denial" torture.

Friendly Persuasion ~ by KitElCat
A different kind of interrogation: trying to get a dangerously cocky asshole to confess to what he really wants with your sister. He'll either agree to back off and leave her alone, or else... (Also known as "The Jerk Who Dated My Sister".)

Outlaw Cowboy ~ by Scooter McGraw
Scooter's classic story of how to persuade a mean, stubborn hombre to reveal the location of stolen gold.

Frat House Interrogation ~ by Ratty
During a wild "kidnapping" prank, two members of a rival frat house are captured, bound, and interrogated. And at a secret campsite, the kidnapped frat boys suffer some intense punishment-tickling (including a brief "oral" episode).

Get James Bond! ~ by J.P.
Few people remember that, early in the superspy's career, he was captured by villans and tickle-interrogated. Here is the real story, including the "denial" torture that Bond was forced to endure, which probably won't make it into the next film.

The Interrogation ~ by Rob Cline
The author plays out some intense war games with a uniformed service buddy.

War Is Hell ~ Author Unknown
A sparsely-written story about a spy named Ben, who is brought in for some special interrogation.

Cop Tickle Interrogation ~ by ... YOU?
A cop, who has entered a secret codeword into a computer, is captured and tickle-interrogated to reveal the code. This is an on-going, first-person tickle interrogation challenge. It's a game that you can play, too. Scott wrote the set-up, based on an idea from an old story (which I seem to have misplaced. Does anyone have a copy of it?) There are several very intense versions posted here so far. After you contribute a story, a codeword will be e-mailed to you, so you can read the other versions. Wanna play?

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