Jack's Male Tickling Rack



Gentlemen, place your bets...

Ever wonder how to introduce a tickle torture session to a buddy?

Especially a straight buddy, who might seem unapproachable?

Simple answer: BET THEM.

If a guy has any kind of competitive streak in him, he will usually take you up on a bet or wager.

Just hanging out, horsing around, drinking beers, playing cards, and challenging each other, can lead to some interesting wagers and punishments.

Here are several stories about guys who lost a bet. Most of them are true:

First Tickle Bet ~ by D
D's friend Mike loses a bet, and gets tied to a lawn chair for some extensive tickle punishment.

Roommate Tickle Wager:
Arm Wrestling
~ by Jack
A true story about tuff-guy roommate Rick, who loses a bet and gets tied down to a board and worked over.

Toll-Booth Tickling ~ by D
It's D vs. Mike again, in another wager. This time, Mike loses a race on the campus track, and has to face the music on the job, in a very public place.

Roommate Tickle Wager:
Craps-You Lose
~ by Jack
Another true account of a wager between roommates. Zack loses at dice, and suffers through some prolonged bondage and armpit-tickling. Why are some guys so stubborn? They never learn...

Paying My Debt ~ by D
Finally! D's turn to get tied and tickle tortured, with some inventive bondage and major discomfort. Gee, don't you hate to see HIM suffer for a change?

Roommate Rick paying up

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