Jack's Bondage Playroom

Lots of guys have asked me about my "dungeon".

Well, it's not a "dungeon", just a simple bedroom set-up in a Manhattan apartment.

Using creative design and carpentry, I have constructed some very sturdy and effective bondage equipment.

Here is some of the equipment, posing for the camera.
Looks kinda lonely with no one tied to it, doesn't it?

The "Rack"

A series of four or five horizontal 2x4's are bolted into stationary 2x3's which are permanently affixed to either side of the window frame.

A vertical piece of 2x4 is bolted to this frame, and this forms the base to which a lot of other pieces can be bolted.

I use 1/4" stove bolts, washers and wing nuts to fasten everything together. Makes for quick and easy dismantling, too, when Mom comes to visit.
Here, the "rack" is assembled, a winch is mounted, suspending a metal chin-up bar from strong hooks and pulleys in the ceiling, and the St. Andrew's Cross (constructed of 2x6 planks) is at a 45-degree angle in the front.

This frame can be put together in a variety of different configurations:
For instance, two pieces of 2x4 can be attached vertically, with a 2-1/4" thick wooden dowel (the unpainted piece) bolted across them.
With the one vertical bar in the center again, the arms can be pinioned behind in any number of constricting ways.
The only limit is one's imagination (and the strength and stamina of the victim!)

The Real "Rack"?

Could this be the rack I wrote about in that story, "Racked and Tickled"?
Naw, it's just the
Bondage Board
masquerading as a
Stretching Rack.

Here, the board is horizontal, like a table.
The head is bolted to the frame, and the foot is suspended from chains in the ceiling.
The ropes running from the winch go through strong pulleys attached to the head of the board, and then are padlocked to locking leather wrist restraints.
The foot of the board (near you) is set with chains locked around another set of leather restraints.

The whole thing is very sturdy, and yeah, I confess, it DOES work. But this isn't the one I was describing in that story.

The Bondage Board can be set up in lots of different positions. You may see some other pics of it scattered around the site.

You might notice some holes drilled through the board at strategic locations. Ask some of my buddies what the holes are used for.

The Chair

I built a tall, ladder-back chair, mainly using 2x3's, wooden dowels, and plywood.

Hours of fun coming up with good "interrogation" positions.

The Stocks

The Chair and the Stocks can be used together for a classic combination.
Here, the back of the chair is bolted into the frame, to make it perfectly immoveable.
The Stocks are screwed to the floor.
And the victim is screwed, period.
For more information about the Stocks, check out my piece, "How To Build Stocks", posted in the "Tools of the Trade" section of this site.

I have lots more equipment, but that's it for now. After all, I need to have a few surprises for you when you come over to play!

If you think you might be interested in checking out some of this equipment in person,
write to me at: jack@ropejock.com and include your stats, your interests, and a pic of yourself.

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