Foot Tickling II -- Bob Jones

I start off my reviews with the very first tickling video I ever saw. And believe it or not it is still my favorite to this day. Bob Jones has lost much of the respect he once had in the tickling community, primarily due to the mounds of garbage he pumps out regularly nowdays, but Foot Tickling II, one of his earliest productions, set a standard in true tickle- torture videos that is rarely surpassed even today. The description on the box is irresistible: three models are hired to appear in a foot fetish video, unaware that it is really a tickling video. And for once the description on the box doesn't lie. The confusion on their faces as the situation develops is genuine. The laughter comes later. Two of the three models turn out to be quite ticklish, unfortunately neither can exactly claim the prize for best looking man on earth.

The boy from Brazil is the first victim. Ryan Ferris, a frequent guest tickler in Bob Jones videos, meets the hapless lad wandering about the city. He offers to take him to his home where he will give him a free massage, "American style." Sure, who the hell cares about a plot? But I still get a big smile on my face as I watch Ferris invite him into his home, help him off with his shirt and onto the bed, then proceed to convince him that Americans really do prefer to be massaged when bound spread-eagled. It's genuinely funny! Of course once the cuffs are in place, the villain reveals his true colors. Gloating about how helpless his victim is, and about all he's going to do to him, he finally asks the dreaded three-word question: "Are you ticklish?"

Now the script is thrown in the trash. Clearly confused by the sudden turn of events, Paolo, the model, stammers out a no, then is forced to recant when Ferris checks this answer against the sole of his stockinged foot. It really doesn't take much at all to break this boy. He's laughing helplessly after the first 15 seconds of foot torture. Action is about evenly divided between feet and upper body. There's plenty of armpit tickling, and Paolo's armpits, dark and very hairy, seem custom made for a tickler's merciless fingers. The laughter here is authentic folks. You can't fake something like that, and we ticklers are impossible to fool. The video quite remarkably demonstrates the phenomenon we know and love so well: laughter that radically changes its tone and character when hysteria sets in. In Paolo's case it is what can only be described as a quite uncharacteristic cackle that erupts spontaneously when the tickling becomes either quite vicious or is agonizingly prolonged.

Highlights include Paolo having his balls tickled with a long feather: Cackle. Feathers inserted between all five toes and pulled through repeatedly: much cackling (this seemed to be Paolo's very least favorite thing). Stiff brush applied vigorously to the bare soles: more cackling (he really hated this too), and the only really successful belly button tickle I've ever seen on video, it made something of a convert of me.

The other ticklish model went on to appear in later Bob Jones foot fetish videos, although as far as I know this is the only one in which he is ever tickled. I don't recall his name offhand, and I don't remember much of the plot except that he played a telephone repairman or something, come calling on our hero Ryan Ferris. Yawn. Fast forward. He ends up bound spread-eagled, and completely naked except for a pair of very sheer, black dress stockings.

Unlike the previous vignette, this one concerns itself almost exclusively with foot tickling. Before seeing this video I had been interested only in upper-body tickling. Wow! Did this one ever make a complete convert out of me! This victim manages to show remarkable restraint at first. You can see a real look of concentration on his face as his feet are slowly worked over, trying desperately to hold the bubbles of laughter at bay. He begins to laugh when Ferris pokes a feather attached to a power drill between his toes and squeezes the trigger. With an extreme closeup of the bottom of his foot and toes, the spinning feather works it deadly magic: first between the big toe and the second toe, then on down the line until finally it reaches the little toe. Here the victim truly loses it for the first time. More "transformed" hysterical laughter. This time a throaty, almost choked cackle. Helpless and absolutely unstoppable. Also very, very genuine.

I liked much of the spontaneous banter between the two in this vignette. As Ferris uses a toothbrush mercilessly beneath the toes, the victim manages to cry out that he already brushed that morning. "Well, you forgot to get in between," Ferris cooly answers, continuing to scrub away. I also liked the victim's pleading. "Pleeeeeeease, no more," he genuinely begs his tormentor, eyes wide, desperately trying to elicit some mercy. I've always wondered why some tickle victims will try this. Tickle torture and mercy no more go together than oil and water. If anything, it's only guaranteed to prolong it and make it doubly cruel. At one point in the throes of his helpless laughter he even cries out for help from the cameraman.

Really the best part of the whole video though is the finale. Abandoning the feathers and other mechanical implements, Ferris begins tickling his sheer, stockinged sole with fingernails. Good, earthy finger tickling, just as we all like best. The dam suddenly and totally bursts and our victim begins laughing hysterically, earnestly, and unstoppably for a long, long time. This is the very best part of the whole video. Ferris pulls out one sole-tickling surprise after another. I won't reveal anymore, though. You have to see this one for yourself. It's rentable everywhere.

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