True Confessions of a Tickle Fiend -- Bob Jones

This Bob Jones video has become something of a legend in the community, due solely to one particular victim in its otherwise mediocre and unticklish lineup. Everyone I've ever spoken to prefers this video over Foot Tickling II reviewed above. I disagree simply because I'm pretty sure he's faking it. Nevertheless, if he is faking it, he's pretty damn good, and he's pretty damn studly. Two reasons to go out and rent or buy it anyway.

The particular segment in question is about evenly divided between foot and upper-body tickling, with plenty of armpit tickling thrown in to boot. The victim is bound spread-eagled to a bed wearing only a pair of white briefs and a pair of high top sneakers with white athletic socks. His body is tight, and well defined with a moderately hairy chest and stomach. Ryan Ferris plays the title character, our fiend. I forget the poor victim's name.

The tickling and the laughter are very lengthy, Ferris works the poor guy's body and feet relentlessly, and for long periods of time, all the while the victim bounces up and down in his bounds, laughing and squirming to escape the torture. As a finale, the victim's bonds are unloosed and he is ordered to jack off in front of the camera, or face more tickle punishment. Rentable everywhere.

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