Body Builder from North Carolina Michael Caltano

I was very sad to hear quite recently that Michael Caltano no longer distributes his tickling videos. While I don't know for a fact that this is true, it seems likely since I haven't received his regular mailing for over a year now. Caltano videos were absolutely unique in the tickling community, at least as far as I know. Michael regularly hired young men to submit to foot tickling in front of his video camera, and sold these low-budget gems through the mail. The results were honest, funny, engaging, and hot! Though the emphasis was almost always on foot tickling, many of his videos gave upper-body tickling equal time too. His catalog included at least forty or fifty young men, and were priced at about $30 per individual 20-30 minute video, with substantial discounts for multiple orders that brought the prices in line with what we typically pay for commercial adult videos. You could select 3 or 4 scenes and Michael would put them onto a single video tape, or spread it onto two when he had to, and ship it to you immediately. I always received my orders within a week of sending away for them.

The production quality of the earliest videos was quite poor to say the least. Always shot from a single camera angle, the usual pose was the subject sitting fully-clothed in a chair, his bare feet propped up onto another chair in front, soles facing the camera. Generally his legs were either tied, or somewhat immobilized by the arms of the chair. Despite the poor production quality there was always something wickedly voyeuristic about watching them which I enjoyed immensely. It reminded me of many of my own encounters with ticklish men willing to be tickled for a price. And Michael had a bar-no-hold style of tickling: vigorous tickling of the soles for a prolonged period of time.

Bodybuilder from North Carolina, one of the last videos he made, was his masterpiece. I about had a stroke the first time I saw it. The production quality is quite good and the video is about evenly divided between foot and upper-body tickling. The subject, a very good- looking, dark-haired macho latino with a short goatee and an attitude, turns out to be, how shall we say, hyperticklish. It amazes me that anybody as ticklish as he would ever voluntarily submit to such a torture for any amount of money. Latino ticklishness is I think legendary among experienced ticklers and this video proves that truism in spades! The truly boggling thing is how he allows himself to be immobilized for the torture, knowing full well what he is about to endure. The bondage is truly excellent in this video, a significant difference from almost all of the earlier Caltano videos. He is first bound to a bed wearing only a very tight pair of black spandex bicycle shorts, bulging prodigiously in all the right places. His feet are securely bound to the foot of the bed, soles facing the camera, and his arms are bound tightly straight above his head, revealing an incredible pair of hairy black armpits! His torso is lean and hard, a washboard stomach almost beyond belief (and ticklish as a motherfucker!), with big dark nipples that suffer the attentions of Caltano's wicked tickling brushes!

This is authentic torture tickling of the best kind! His soles are tickled first and from the first touch of Caltano's fingertips, our latino torture victim is giggling hysterically and nonstop. Caltano is merciless, absolutely merciless. He tickle tortures the laughing victim's soles for several minutes nonstop. The victim's laugh is a hysteric giggle laugh that suddenly takes on a frantic, helpless intensity when Caltano moves up to the torso for a savage armpit attack. The latino begins to buck up and down and side to side, frantic hysteric giggling screaming out as Caltano digs and pokes his fingers into his hairy pits, jabbing in his thumbs and wiggling them for minutes at a time. The few moments of rest he allows finds the victim panting desperately, trying to catch enough breath to laugh some more when Caltano moves back down to the soles to stroke them with his fingertips.

How on earth he got the subject to submit to more bondage after all of this I couldn't begin to guess, but the next scene shows another Caltano favorite technique, with the latino victim hogtied and on his stomach. His feet are subjected to more merciless tickling only this time his helplessly smiling and giggling face is facing the camera where we can relish his laughing agony.

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