Jack's Playroom
Jack's Bondage Playroom

A few pictures of my bondage equipment in action:

Bondage Rack

I call it a "rack", although it is a stationary frame of 2x4's, bolted into a window frame. Lots of other equipment can get bolted into it.
Here, a guy is spread-eagled to the rack, leather wrist and ankle restraints fastened to metal eyebolts which are sunk into the 2x4's. Rope, some thin leather straps, a leather blindfold and a Gaffer's Tape gag complete the bondage.
He ain't goin' nowhere.

Bondage Board

Made from plywood and 2x3 braces, it can be mounted in a variety of positions and used for numerous restraint possibilities. Strategic holes have been drilled through the board.
Here, it is in a 45% slant position.

The guy's wrists are yanked up behind the board and securely fastened to a hook, legs are spread and tied to hooks in the floor. Rope, straps, jockstrap and neckerchief further bind him to the board. Clothespins keep his tits occupied. His "jewels" are tied with rope and stretched down to another hook at the bottom of the board.
This guy ain't goin' nowhere, either.

Bondage Board #2

Here, the board is positioned horizontally, like a table. The guy is strapped belly-down, his "package" forced through a hole in the board.

You can't see it because of the 2x3 brace, but a rope, tied around the genitals and stretched down to the bottom of the board, prohibits extraction from the hole.
Good position for hours of fun.


A guy's size 10's securely locked into the stocks. Made of double-thickness 2x8 planks and L-Braced to a solid platform, which in turn gets bolted to the floor.
A padlocked clasp locks the hinged top to the bottom. Toes are tied with rope to a wooden dowel fed through two large screw-eyes, forcing the feet to flex back and severely limiting movement. This guy will be here for a while.
Hope he's not ticklish...

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