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Jack's Bondage Playroom

Bondage Board

Made from plywood and 2x3 braces, the board is 7' long and 1' wide.
It can be mounted in a variety of positions and used for numerous restraint possibilities.

Here, the board is fixed in a 45% slant position:

The guy's wrists are yanked up behind the board and securely fastened to a hook, legs are spread and tied to hooks in the floor. Rope, straps, jockstrap and bandanna further bind him to the board. Clothespins keep his tits occupied. His "jewels" are tied with rope and stretched down to another hook at the bottom of the board.

When the board is in a vertical, upright position, it can be used to securely strap a guy to it, standing up. Notice the strategic holes which have been drilled through the board, to accomadate ropes and straps.
In this position, you can force a guy to hold barbells, and all sorts of fun stuff.
You can tie a guy's wrists behind the vertical board, add some rope across his chest and around the board, and torture his pecs and tits untill he tells you what you want to know.
The large holes in the board can be used to trap a guy's cock and balls. Here, the board is in a nearly vertical position, and the guys is strapped to it. His cockhead is getting the old "seesaw treatment" with a piece of rope.

Here, the board is positioned horizontally, like a table. The guy is strapped belly-down, his "package" forced through a hole in the board.

You can't see it because of the 2x3 brace, but a rope, tied around the genitals and stretched down to the bottom of the board, prohibits extraction from the hole.
Great position to keep him in for hours of fun.
You can "edge" him, keep teasing his hard, helpless cock, not quite letting him shoot, for hours and hours, or you can "milk" him, seeing how many loads you can force him to shoot in a given amount of time.

These guys ain't goin' nowhere, neither,
unless they want to leave their cock and balls behind.

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