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Jack's Bondage Playroom

And then, you can always...

String Him Up

Lock his wrists into leather restraints and chain them to the ceiling.

Tie Him To
A Chair

Build a wooden chair with a tall ladder-back and tie him to it for an interrogation.

Bed Him Down

Tie him spread-eagle to the bed, so he stays put all night long.

Hogtie Him

Once his wrists are attached to his ankles, string all four up to the ceiling, along with the collar around his neck. Good way to keep his attention.

None of these guys were going anywhere.

Wanna Come Over and
Try Out Some of the

I live in NYC, and have a great place to play.
I like getting together with tough, masculine guys for some heavy bondage games.

I'm usually on top, but...Revenge Is Sweet.

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For further information,
or if you want to come over and "play",

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