MTM is a discussion and communications
Mailing List for Men into Tickling
(or being tickled by) Men.

Postings are limited to discussions of
tickling by and between ADULT MEN.

MTM is available as a "reflector" list,
where each message shows up as a
seperate message in your mailbox,
or as a "digest," where seperate
messages are batched up into
one or two mail bundles a day.

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There are two methods to receive the
MTM Information File and to
Subscribe to the list:

Go to the

MTM Page at Queernet

and follow the directions.

To scroll through ALL the QueerNet mailing lists,
visit their Homepage at:


You may request the Information File,
which contains instructions
on how to subscribe,
by sending an e-mail to:

with the command:

info mtm

in the body of the e-mail
(the subject line doesn't matter).

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Join the growing number of guys
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trading stories and techniques,
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