On-The-Job Tickling



I've never been broke by tickle torture. My girlfriend usually gets me going and cuts out long before I'm at risk of breaking. A couple of good lines about how 'mean' she is and she backs off.

I have a buddy that is an aerobics instructor. Once in awhile I'd meet him at the locker room at the gym when his class and my work out ended at the same time. I stand 6' 205 lbs of muscle. I had 2 inches and 55 lbs on the guy. Once he took about 10-15 seconds worth of tickle-jabs at me. Man this guy could have been a boxer -- damn fast. I'd react and try to block and he'd have landed to other two shots. Told me I was all nerves as he laughed at my situation as I kept backing into a locker. Not much I could do about it. Its not like I'll fight any guy that small and definetly not a friend pulling a prank. I couldn't tickle him, each time I moved toward him he tickle a rib or armpit and I'd be trying to stop him again...

The worst I ever had, I was working on scafold and holding up ceramic fixtures (about 70-80 lbs overhead work). We were working in a old hall doing refit work. It was summer and hot. I was working on my own. I hadn't bothered to put my shirt back on after our lunch break. One guy on my crew was down the hall feeding wire. We had to hook up the bulbs in the old fixtures before locking them to their mounts. This left me with my arms up over my head holding the fixture in place till my buddy could come back, and finish wiring it up. Then I'd be able to lock it to its mount. Another guy on our crew saw me alone holding up the fixture. He came into the room and jumps up the scafold. This guy was had a medium build and was about three inches shorter, something I never let him forget. "Hey Scott, how's it going?" he had a REAL evil spark in his eye and grin on his face. "Looks like you got your hands full buddy...". At that he ran his hand up my side tickled my armpit. I didn't move or react because I knew it was coming. Guy says anyway "FUCK you're not Ticklish big guy are ya?". I was a dead man. He got me laughing a little with his stupid ribbing at my pride. His tickling of my armpits and upper body started to get to me. He saw it and wasn't about to let up. He just grinned at me and focused tickling below my bicepts at the top of my armpits. I started cursing the guy out, laughing a little, tring to get a better grip on the fixture. "Hey Scott, its a good thing we got a tough guy like you holding up those heavy expense fixtures...not too heavy are they?" as he dug one hand into my abs. That was it, I was laughing. The guy had me sweating for a good 10 minutes. He only stopped when he saw I was starting to lose my grip. I had it coming. He was pretty tough so I got on his nerves about how 'small' he was all the time in fun.