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Jack's Bondage Playroom

St. Andrews Cross

The classic "X" cross.
It's made of 1x5's, bolted together in the middle. The tops and bottoms get bolted to the stationary frame of 2x4's.

The St. Andrews Cross is great for really stretching a dude out, and making just about every part of his muscular body exposed and vulnerable. And if his dick gets hard, too bad for him.
Here, clamps on his tits get stretched to either side and tied off, so if he squirms at all, he's pulling on one or the other.
With the wrists twisted up and secured behind the cross, it forces his muscles to flex and strain. The addition of a wooden dowel gag, tied back to the "V" in the cross, also forces his head back. Not a very comfortable position to be in.
And if a boy has been particularly bad, you can always hang him upside down from the cross. Teaches him better manners real fast.

These guys ain't goin' nowhere, neither.

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